Ennui Recon: Arts, Beats and Lyrics 2011

Arts, Beats and Lyrics is sponsored yearly by Gentleman Jack and brings exhibits, DJ sets and new artists to DC. Imagine a congressional meeting hall converted into a one room exhibit, with a huge stage in the back. Did we mention two free drinks? It was definitely off the chain.

Yo, this is how shows should get thrown down. Free booze, get a good artist, and get some classic DJ’s and just do it house party style. Definitely a great time, with DJ Lord and company tearing up the set.

But we came here for Kendrick (kidding).  Having never seen him live, we gotta say, the guy definitely has some stage presence without being overly in your face, and of course his flow was off the chain. Mixing up track like “Look out for Detox” with stories from his childhood, Nate Dogg homages, and definitely giving shoutouts to the West Coast and Compton.

Definitely hit up Kendrick Lamar if you haven’t done so already, and appreciate some good hip hop. Catch this guy live. We’re not kidding, the crowd was bouncin’ with each verse.

Big ups Gentleman Jack, giving the people what they want: dope music, free booze.. and put it in a congressional hall.


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