Interview Magazine: Basquiat via Geldzahler

source: James Van Der Zee

Interview is always chockful of ridiculous juxtapositions, the latest ploy is Lil Wayne interviewed by Paris Hilton (actually a pretty interesting read). This is a throwback from famed Brookyln curator Henry Geldzahler interviewing the post-pop art icon, Jean-Michel Basquiat who passed away 1988 at the age of 27. From the intro:

In 1976, Jean-Michel Basquiat began “writing” his unique brand of graffiti throughout Manhattan under the name “SAMO.” His work from the first consisted of conceptual, enigmatic combinations of words and symbols, executed with the curt simplicity of a late Roman inscription. Graduating from subway walls to canvas and from the streets of New York to the galleries of Soho, Basquiat took the art world by storm…

On the for real, check out these first questions (brought to you by Weezy):

source: Interview Magazine

Whether you dig Basquiat’s works or not, his life and endeavors are worth a second look. The reason we dig this is how well it measures Basquiat’s humanity against someone within the high art circle.

Awesome piece, and it begs the question, right place at the right time, or artistic visionary? You decide.


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