Write 4 Gold Pre-battles

source: Write4gold

source: Write4gold

For consumers and scavengers like us, Write4Gold represents a chance for us to get a look at experimental graff across the world. For writers, it’s about going into these bloody face to face graff battles, showcasing your skills in the moment, with the competition gunning for your demise. We hope so anyway.

The Write4Gold competition pre-battles are going on all this month from Milan to St. Petersburg and all across Europe. The competition is divided into “KO matches” that pit crew against crew and move up in a bracket system. Check out the gallery for just some off the wall masterpieces.

Man, no offense, but Europe does this shit right. As much as America can lay claim to nostalgia and the soul of graffiti, the truth is we’ve seen some just next-level pieces in terms of color, character-creation, execution and vision that is unparalleled.

screenshot courtesy of: Write4Gold.de

All we’re saying is there better be some video of the finals. In the meantime, hit up Write4Gold for updates, and register your crew if your in the areas. Big ups guys for bringing not only writers across the globe, but incorporating good marketing, design and layout while working with a lot of company sponsors. Doin it right.


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