Throw Up Thursday: Florida Ave. and others

Nero showing some Nuwaubian pride (haha)

This week’s throw-ups feature some sprays across Florida Ave., parts of New York Ave. and a few side streets in between. The second you cross 9th or 8th st. NW the density of graffiti just seemingly explodes. Again, as the city is pushing outward and upward from downtown DC, the more you see little battles between newly buffed walls and kids getting creative with placement and visibility.

This is a some prime real estate around P street and Florida Ave.

This faded Gaia is a lesson in placement and context. It’s pasted on an abandoned drugstore at the beginning of a row new-built condos facing New York Ave.

… and some cats that hopped the fence to spray the side of the same house. Big ups here.

Van bombing on P and Florida.

MOE, AGRA, SAMG on the side of a laundromat

DONE on a side street off New York Ave.

STAMP, CROT & POBEN(sp). That red really pops on STAMP’s.

MOE, STAMP and the ATB crew? off Rhode Island Ave.

DONE in its natural habitat

Buffed at P Street and 14th. Slow encroachment…

Again, we welcome your submissions, opinions and comments. More snaps this week on our throw up thurs. Flickr set.


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