Olivier Lalin’s Swagger 360 doc

video still source: olivierlalin

Videographer and documenter Olivier Lalin recently did a great short interview/day-in-the-life feature on Brooklyn-based fashion blogger Guerre, who has ran Swagger 360 for almost two years now. Guerre said:

Prior to Paris Fashion Week I was approached by photographer/ videographer Olivier Lalin who wanted to do “a day in the life shoot”. This project was about giving the public a glimpse into what I do during Fashion Week, and why do it. I thank Oliver for the opportunity to share with you a part of what I do.

Nowadays, everybody and their uncle has some sort of high/street fashion underpinning or sexy photo dump on Tumblr. What makes Swagger 360 so successful and different is two things. Immersion and perspective.

Not only does Guerre take the focus and time to enter the necessary scenes that need to photographed, like Paris Fashion Week, he does so with that concentration on narrative and individual perspective of style. This is significant not only as a filtering device for the glut of fashion photography and coverage, but also presents media through a lens that a reader can relate to.

…the emphasis of style over fashion… (Guerre).

Guerre concentrates on the form and aesthetic much more so than name-dropping or trending. This is what high fashion is about, the structure, lines, coloration and swagger much more so than what name is on your handbag or peacoat.

Guerre, big ups on bringing something unique and inspiring. Keep the shots and dialogue going.


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