DC Watch: Moe

Going out almost everyday to photograph in the past two weeks means that we’re finally starting to map out a little bit of the graff density and terrain. While scooting around New York Ave., Rhode Island and Florida Ave., this kid Moe has been popping up everywhere.

A better shot of two rooftop throw ups from the Key Bridge. This is an ideal place to really make your mark, a shitload of foot traffic everyday and being one of the more “upscale” and conservative areas of town means the bigger you go the more you stand out. That dichotomy of the beltway hustle and bustle next to prominent tags is what we’re all looking for when we document graff. We wanna see this roof covered- from what we’ve seen, this area never gets buffed.

This one on Florida Ave.

Big city style right here, repping ATB. I think Stamp is part of this crew, but again, all conjecture at this point.

This one under the key bridge area. First the sewers, then the world!

Keep an eye out for Moe around the city. As we move more and more westward we’re curious to see how the density of these names will stack up. Big ups man, keep up the good work.

Keep an eye out on the Flickr as we update for each DC Watch.


2 responses to “DC Watch: Moe

  1. stamp is not atb but he hangs w moe on occasion. ktk is stamp, beks and nero’s crew. atb is an older crew w koma and nore. i think moe dropped the crew tho… at least last time i talked to him. if u guys want to learn more about dc graf, hit me up. if u ever wanna visit my studio, i think u’d like it. i share w decoy, jazi and peter krsko…

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