Neighbors: Mike Giant (full episode)

screenshot source: Neighbors

Yeah yeah, this has been getting around a little bit, but honestly the teaser was dope enough to warrant this posting. Loving these Neighbors joints for helping us to put a face and personality to a body of work that has been iconic in many sub-genres.

screenshot source: Neighbors

These workspace shots are awesome. As much as people will criticize Giant’s work, we dig the fact that the guy is drawing from so many cultures and genres. Like he says in this piece, coming from a graff background allows you to maximize the efficiency of your medium, while helping you to develop a style. This dude has been killin’ it since 1989 with basically just sharpies.

screenshot source: Neighbors

Man we would have loved to see some changes in scenery or a little embedded ethnography with this interview, but honestly it’s already a really great peek into the life and process of Giant. Big ups guys, and keep an eye out for more Neighbors productions.


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