The Push/ Shove’s China Outlook

Seriously, you need to be watching this blog, because not only is Nick pushing forward and documenting on top of putting us on to some sick acts and cultural trends, he’s also producing these sick ethnographic studies. We got a tip off last night about the official release of China Outlook, free online.

screenshot of China Outlook on Issuu

This is a really sick publication, both in terms of content but also perspective. The problem you find about revealing sort of underground culture is that you have to find a grappling point that pulls that idea into relevancy for the reader. Nick goes through various lenses throughout the publication from the anecdotal to the technical to the subliminal, and supplements explorations of ChangSha’s graff scene or Chinese social networks with some awesome photography and media.
screenshot of China Outlook on Issuu

We really dig the simplicity of the layout, it’s very simple, straightforward, almost-zine inspired formatting. At the same time not over-wrought or over-branded. This is a great ethnographic study as Nick embeds himself in these sort of burgeoning Chinese cultures to bring a first-person perspective.

Nick, awesome work man, and if you haven’t checked out Push/Shove get to educatin’.


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