Ricoh Roll 2: Bikeshare, street recon and more

We ran through some good weather this week, basically took one snap for every four or five digital pics. Penn Camera ran through some technical difficulties so we picked up this roll today. [all images shot on 800iso film with Ricoh KR-10, unedited]

Didn’t catch that guy’s name, but some really positive energy and adding a little sound to the city.

Again, we love Capitol Bikeshare, and a possible interview with a Bikeshare administrator is in the works… a little urban planning in the mix- trying to keep it fresh.

This guy was on 14th and he had a crazy selection of either spices or potions of some sort. He was definitely doing so collating when we caught up to him.

Gaia, behind Irvine Contemporary (do not miss this exhibit)

Yo, this camera is sick…. Really feeling the color vibrancy, such a huge difference from shooting digital. At least this time we got more than six pictures back. Hit the flickr for more shots.

So lucky that we ran through a good week of photos and content, again thanks for reading, take some time to hit our features and let us know what you think. Peace and much love.

Previously: Ricoh Roll 1


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