Greater Greater Washington: Sean Taylor Memorial

source: Greater Greater Washington

Our friend recently shared this blog post on Facebook about a memorial put up for the late Sean Taylor outside of the Brookland Metro station on the Red Line. From Greater Greater Washington:

A few days after Taylor was killed in Miami, Florida, a spray-painted memorial mural appeared on the wall of the CSX rail line adjacent to the Brookland Metro station, where it remains today, untouched.

The mural, painted in the team’s colors of burgundy, gold, and white, is seen by tens of thousands of Red Line riders going in and out of the city every day.

Greater Greater Washington publishes a lot of hyper-local content in the DC area, and oftentimes this is a way to observe how the public feels about graff in this area. The comments section is a really interesting mix of people in the relative know versus everyday citizens walking and enjoying their scenery.

While we support graff of all shapes and sizes, there should be some code or limit to coverage in terms of personal property, etc. Anyway, interesting dialogue especially framed around an upcoming Red Line graffiti documentary.


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