Flickr Friday: Ichicoblog’s photostream

Damn, we definitely got caught into a time overlap in the last few days (still blaming daylight saving) so everything is off by a day or two, anyway this week’s Flickr Saturday showcases the pictures of Ichico, a daytime designer, weekend cyclocross and road racer out of Tokyo, Japan.

source: Ichicoblog

US local cycling circuits have a lot in common with these Japanese circuits, as far as we can tell, but there’s a very distinctive difference and vibe and tone, you can tell Ichico brings something new and novel with this Asian perspective. Not to mention some serious bike pron in a lot of these beautiful shots.

Ichico works pretty closely producing and documenting a lot of Indy Fab/Rapha sponsored rides and groups in Japan, so it’s interesting to get at an Asian perspective to a largely America/European brand.

source: Ichicoblog

source: Ichicoblog

These most recents pics are from the Rapha Rides for Tohoku, an event set up in cities across the globe to benefit the devastating tsunami disaster.

Outstanding composition on some of these portraits:

source: Ichicoblog

source: Ichicoblogsource: Ichicoblog

source: Ichicoblog

The last, a shot of the photographer himself. Ichico, keep the coverage coming, and outstanding photography and perspective. Also, we’d love to interview you at some point if you’re interested.

Speaking of, it’s 60 degrees in DC and we’re gonna go for a ride.


2 responses to “Flickr Friday: Ichicoblog’s photostream

  1. Thank you for your great post!
    but my name is “ichico” 😉
    That’s OK!

    I joined Rapha Ride for TOHOKU in HANNO Yesterday.
    100people participated the ride!
    I’ll upload photos to Flickr soon.

    and I’m interested in the interview.


    • Haha, apologies about the name error. Yes, we love your photography, again it’s interesting to see Rapha’s and the local framebuilder aesthetic in a setting like Japan. We look forward to your photos, we’ll be speaking to you soon about a profile! Thanks!

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