Ennui Digs: Mahala Magazine

image courtesy of Cool Hunting

image courtesy of Cool Hunting

Cool Hunting has a good knack for digging  up and putting together some great pieces, like this one on South Africa’s newest contemporary culture rag, Mahala, that seeks to represent. The first thing you notice about this magazine is the complete lack of glossy covers and high-production photos or layouts. Instead, it resembles earlier or hyper-local newsletter formats, which really lets its contents and columns shine through while maintaining a very real and unique aesthetic.

From the Cool Hunting Profile:

Stories like “Surfing is Wanking,” “Racist Dogs” and “The Colonialism of Small Things”—to name just a few—shed light on topics that affect South Africans, but with its Vice magazine-style journalism, anyone interested in leading-edge culture will appreciate this unconventional upstart.

source: Mahala blog

We hit up the Mahala blog, and it’s a great portal on a completely new perspective, with profiles, posts, opinions, features and culture content on some of South Africa’s experimental and fringe artists, along with cultural commentary and trend-watching. Our favorite is this category called “reality,” which definitely combines an Adbusters/Vice Magazine/news editorial style to elucidating some of South African plights and city conflicts in the scope of popular culture.

Head to Cool Hunting for a great interview and directional gaze at the publication’s progression into its third issue. This is the best time to get into Mahala, as the publication is growing and finding its direction. We really dig this, Mahala, keep up the good work!


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