Image/Fame/Memory at Irvine Contemporary

Today we managed to get over to Irvine Contemporary and check out the Image/Fame/Memory exhibit currently running till April 16. The portraiture was definitely pretty astounding, we really recommend you guys checking it out. The gallery is located at the corner of P and 14th St. NW. From the press release:

Irvine Contemporary is pleased to present Image/Fame/Memory, an exhibition of works by four major portrait and documentary photographers, Curtis Knapp, Gerard Malanga, Billy Name, and Kate Simon, who are known for the iconic power of their images in circulating fame and contributing to the cultural memory of the past four decades. Many of the photographs are being exhibited for the first time. Two of the photographers, Billy Name and Kate Simon, have also recently collaborated with Shepard Fairey in the creation of new images that extend the memory and symbolic power of the original photographs through a new medium and for a new cultural moment.

Here’s our experience:


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