New David Dallas

Photo courtesy of The Smoking Room

The other day I read a SXSW guide from the The Boston Phoenix on the top 25 hip-hop artists to watch out for this year, and as hard as it is to make lists like this, you can always count on trollers to call you out for missing something. In this case, someone posted …Hip-Hop rule #1, if you’re from New Zealand, you’re not a rapper….nuff said

You obviously don’t know about David Dallas. His newest joint featuring Freddie Gibbs  entitled “Caught in a Daze” showcases the slow, chill flow of this talented MC, and continues his usual style: hip hop for the plebians. Check out some poetry from The Smoking Room on this track:

Are you spread so thin right now, you feel like down time is completely out of the question? If so, take four minutes to mentally put your feet up and don’t get “Caught In A Daze” from our homie David Dallas’ mind-easing collaboration with Gary, IN’s finest. Laced with twangy gee-tars and enough brass to replace the Statue Of Liberty, this audio aspirin adheres to folks who’re stuck in life’s purgatory and can’t quite shimmy free.

While rapping about the come up is nothing new, we respect Dallas for not only his honesty but just that chill, wholly different aesthetic that you slowly get tired of hearing stateside. We always point people to this track when we talk about Dallas:

Again, you can feel that honesty and real-world inspired lyrical content, not to mention that dynamite flow. Keep an eye on David Dallas, I’d pit his skills against any rapper stateside, just from character alone.


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