Ricoh Roll 1: Learning Experience

In DC its taxation without representation

In the spirit of learning here’s a selection from our first roll of film with the Ricoh. We developed these at Penn Camera on K and 18th and great eastern bloc gentleman gave us a sweet rundown on why we were about 10 of 24 on these shots (hint: user error). You live, you learn I guess.

We shot these on Sunday when we met up with a buddy near New York Ave.

Row houses, a dying breed

Actually, despite light leaks compounded by our novice ability working with film, these came out kind of cool-looking.

This week’s content is a little slow, but we’ll be able to hopefully bring the documentation to a few great exhibits that are happening right now in DC, including Gauguin at the National Portrait Gallery, Image/Fame/Memory at Irvine Contemporary, and Peter Doig and Philip Guston at the Phillips Collection.

In the meantime, we’re gonna practice a little…

images unedited; shot on ISO 800 film with a Ricoh KR -10 Super, 50mm 1.7d lens


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