Form/Function: Capital Bikeshare

Pay attention New York, this is what public transportation is about.

Capital Bikeshare is DC’s city-run bike share program that’s a huge revamp both in infrastructure and execution from the old system, Smartbike (which frankly sucked ass). With over 110 stations around the Arlington/DC area, next time you think about heading to Central for some fried chicken, remember to grab one of these red townies and enjoy the first 30 minutes free.

Aero headtube

No really though, this is so rad. DC is small enough that bike share placement can really easily reach almost 80-90% of the city’s more populated areas, and with the program getting off the ground so effectively, expansion is definitely eminent. The system already boasts 1100 rentable bikes, and with flat rates, daily memberships and flexible docking stations, it’s probably the most ideal way of getting around. Ultimately, it’s all about that fact that people are actually using this green transportation.

The docking stations offer repair call buttons which really maximize maintenance efficiency, and actual bicycle levels are based on the area’s population density.

The simple payment interface offers bill and credit card flexibility.

Form/Function also highlights usability, and we love the fact that DC is using this not as a revenue source, but as a way of connecting people to locations and encouraging cycling as an alternative mode of transportation. Big ups.


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