Deb Roy: The Birth of the Word

We’re not linguistics junkies, but this is awesome.

Deb Roy out of MIT essentially hooked up his entire house with video cameras and microphones to record how his son’s lingual skills developed. Watch to at least the 5:00 minutes mark and hear an audio snippet compiled from tens of thousands of hours of transcripts and media… to catch his son’s transition from gaga to water.

This is a really crazy TED talk. Sometimes, the subject matter can have a fringe or over-academic aspect, but Roy goes on to talk about how after charting out caretakers’ vocal complexity, there is a definitive intersection between environment and child. We really encourage you to see this, as this model of memory-capture is extremely difficult and rare, and is one of those paragons of thorough research that the field of Linguistics really needs to be able offer definitive conclusions. Rad!


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