Blog Push: The Push Shove 推搡

The reason we look at culture and perspective at Ennui rather than just content is specifically to be aware of the system and not just its products.

With China rapidly catching up with American commercial and technological activity, it’s inevitable that we see its cultural underbelly also begin to slowly emerge and permeate Chinese cities.

We always fight to not confine ourselves in necessarily one paradigm, and last night when we stumbled upon the Push Shove, a Chinese introspective into the country’s growing urban culture, we kind of had a revelation on exactly how fast underground punk, hip-hop and cycling culture has sunk into China. From the Push Shove’s About section:

Streetside Suntories and Chuanr. If you get it, than you’re initiated. If not, keep up. THE PUSH SHOVE was fathered outside Shanghai’s LoGo bar (R.I.P.) by 3 fellas, a case of beers, a couple empty packs of Zhong Nan Hai, and the desire to rep China. Our China. Not the melamine-laced, lead pumping factory most envision. We get down with live shows, skateboarding, bikes, graffiti, parties, and the rest. Our people and adventures span all over the Mainland.

The Push Shove is ran by Nick Peden, a Chinese transplant that is currently pushing out a new publication called The Push Shove China Outlook, a zine on emerging street culture, and the influences and forces behind it:

Clean, minimalistic, but above all, media and content driven. Follow this blog, because as China’s social landscape and GDP per capita increases, the next generation of Chinese youth, one that is struggling to find its voice in a different sort of cultural landscape, will definitely be its defining innovators, rebels and fomentors of a new youth regime.


4 responses to “Blog Push: The Push Shove 推搡

  1. Albert Bonapart

    Very interesting, do you plan to keep this as an ongoing series because I think it is fascinating.? I really appreciate how you state that you must look at culture, this is so relevant today. I really like where you’re going with this theoretically. Thanks

    • Whoa, thanks for the kind words yo! We’re definitely gonna keep adding more content in this direction, but if you have any suggestions we’d love to hear them

  2. As a Newbie, I am always searching online for articles that can help me. Thank you Wow! Thank you! I always wanted to write in my site something like that. Can I take part of your post to my blog?

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