AOK’s Yelawolf video

Our favorite alma mater reppin’ rapper/mixed medium artist AOK hit up the Yelawolf/Cyhi the Prynce show at Rock N Roll Hotel on H the other night. He sent us some raw footage the next morning, and I was thinking this is gonna be just another blurry flipcam video, but after some furious editing, the result is pretty ridiculous:

Man this show looks like it was off the chain. Yelawolf goin’ so hard and with Cyhi in the mix whippin out all the hot tracks- I wish, Box Chevy, Pop the Trunk. We dig Yelawolf for real, outside of having that Jack Torrance flow, he’s got a look in his eye like he’s about to shotgun some gasoline or just go berserk at any second; in interviews, this is the calmest dude. Anyway, both these guys are wordsmiths in their own right, but together, it’s a deadly concoction.

WI’ DA REMIX. Anyway, loving the video man! Really feeling that DIY, girls-gone-wild vibe. Honestly, I think it really works with the artists and the smaller confined stage. Keep the videos coming man! Blue and Grey!


One response to “AOK’s Yelawolf video

  1. Yo, this is actually a hot video!!

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