Thumbs up: Kendrick Lamar’s Get Ready for Detox

A couple weeks ago we were in our neighbor’s kitchen talking about this rapper Kendrick Lamar, who is really starting to get picked up, despite sticking to irregular rhyming schemes and track formats. The first time I heard this kid spit online, he was going so hard he choked about five minutes in from not getting enough air. When we pulled him up on Youtube the other night, this one made our ears bleed:

Kick in the door/ Canines in the kitchen way before I even heard of Mike Vick/
Mom in the bathroom, poppa at work/ happened on sunday we shoulda went to Church/…. Like blat blat blat blat where da knife at/ like cut cut cut where your life at/…

One thing about Youtube is about  90% of all comments are usually some form of promotion, spam or just incoherent rambling. But if you really look at the highest rated comments, oftentimes there is a lot of truth to what people are thumbs-upping. Not only that, but you can gauge some sort of general reaction to whatever you’re watching:

Agreed jaysooofly100. Kendrick, keep going hard.


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