Fatcap’s Unga Interview

source: Broken Fingaz

Unga of the Broken Fingaz crew out of Haifa, Israel was recently interviewed by Fatcap’s Anna Lyrenäs. We love reading street art interviews from other countries specifically because the mentality is much different than in the states, but aspects of it are still very relatable.

Haifa, the Israeli harbour city, is full of bad attitude towards its street artists. Buffing is a promise strong enough for any painter to flee. Still, the Haifa based Brokenfingaz crew has made no attempts to move. Fatcap met a hungover Unga.

source: Broken Fingaz

Yes, it seems like the message rarely ever is in the painting. People don’t go writing “make love not war”.

No, maybe a few people do it but it just doesn’t affect anyone and here in Israel everyone is cynical. Writing “stop the war” won’t change anything especially here where we see political commercials and propaganda everyday. We don’t notice it anymore, but I know for myself that if I’m walking down the street and see a rooftop with really nice, colourful graffiti I stop because it’s very inspiring. Someone came there at night, for no reaseon, on his own and climbed all the way just to do it.

This is some positive-ass thinking and we dig that so hard. When you print your first set of stickers or do your first throw-up, there is always that exhilaration that goes with it, and even for a seasoned crew like Broken Fingaz it’s nice to see people still appreciative of all graff. One big warm family, haha.

Anyway, these guys are ill, check out this video from a 2010 expedition in China of all places, and also the rest of interview write-up at Fatcap.


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