Does Solo Show: I Love Letters

Source: DigitalDoes

The Ironlak crew out of Australia always has some next-level pieces, not to mention some beautiful photography and videos to accompany the experience. We’ve been telling you over and over to get on Flickr and add Ironlak as a contact because you can catch crazy previews like these:

Source: DigitalDoes

These guys absolutely destroy. Their letter forms, while fluid and ever-changing, still remain idiosyncratic (Especially Askew and Pose, who are really diverging into other media and getting picked up by a lot of stateside sources). Does is no exception with some superb wall to canvas translations of his typical styles.

I Love Letters is Does‘ solo opening on March 10, 2011 at the Lo-Fi Gallery in Syndey, Australia. A bit of hike I know, but wish we could get some live coverage…

Source: DigitalDoes


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