Blog Push: Audiophile Life

Archie SheppPhoto by Roberto Polillo

We honestly don’t know where Atane finds all these pictures, but his audiophilic dedication yields some serious ocular paydirt everytime we visit his tumblr.

Art Farmer and Hank Mobley; Photo by Francis Wolff

As much as we try and push blogs, it’s always these diamonds in the sea of random image reels that draw our attention. Audiophile life is your one stop shop for some stellar photography of old-school jazz and blues musicians. We encourage you to visit the Tumblr, it’s very simply constructed but the aesthetic really puts you in the right mood to scroll through these images, something that is often overlooked by the overzealous Tumblr addict.

We stress this over and over again: context. Not only does Audiophile Life act as a record of images, it also really introduces paradigms that we might have heard of, but don’t really see or feel anymore:

Big Jay McNeely aka The King of the Honking Tenor Sax. Part of the indignity of being a black musician in the 50s and 60s was playing for segregated audiences. Photo by Bob Willoughby

Props. Atane also runs his personal blog here, along with reviews and write-ups covering jazz, blues and vinyl. Atane, give us some insight on how you’re digging up these gems.


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