NYT Lens: Pictures of the Day, Libya and Elsewhere

As the epicenter of violence in Libya has shifted toward Benghazi, we are treated to a pretty stunning array of images from NYT photojournalists. The Lens blog has some great content over the past week on the recent clash between rebel forces and Qaddafi militia, with live ammo and tear gas being used to quell the revolution.

AOK sent me this pic this morning also from an NYT article. Hang in there guys, we’re behind you.

Source: NYT, photographer unknown


2 responses to “NYT Lens: Pictures of the Day, Libya and Elsewhere

  1. Yo, I really love these photos and I think it’s so important for us to see them. It is incredible to see the rebels there actually take power into their own hands, abandon their homes, group together in the desert with their own cars, and shoot rocket launchers at their federal governments planes! It’s a shame that their leader has stooped so low to fire on innocent people however.

    Thanks for adding this.

    • Definitely, the current state of events is pretty ridiculous right now, keep an eye on all media outlets for fair and unbiased reporting though, and thanks for the tip on the photo!

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