Editorial: Musings on a new NYC bike blog landscape

Photo source: Prolly is not Probably

In every sub-culture, there are iconic blogs that have risen through the ranks to not only become narrative-driven, interesting and dynamic, but also in this day and age, electronically plugged-in and dependable. One thing we want to stress before you read this editorial is the fact that these opinions are conjecture, and representative of a perspective from a non-NYC native.

Prolly is not Probably has for the past five years become a mainstay in urban cycling culture. We have since grown with John through his online persona and blog- through various bikes acquisitions, columns, cameras, product reviews and shop visits, to build a very human perspective and knowledge base for the average fixed gear and cycling junkie.

However, that’s not the focus of this editorial. If you’ve followed Prolly’s last few posts, you know that his permanent departure from NYC is imminent. I would wager that Prolly is not Probably will continue to cover his once-home city through his more personal, “intimate” links to clothing manufacturers, local builders, forum gatekeepers, and the relationships that we’ve seen emerge in the past five years; but there just won’t be the same kind of media richness that we’ve come to depend on and enjoy. We won’t be able see the same kind of big city flavor that has come to accompany the outstanding content and perspective that this blogger has delivered for almost half a decade.

The result is a large hole in the consciousness of an outsider’s perspective into NYC’s cycling culture. After all, this is the city of the iconic messenger, big city frame-builder and urban commuter. While the DIY maniacs, urban racers and cat 6 cynics can still live on their lives in relative electronic platitude, the rest of us who have come to depend on John’s unerring ability to cover all aspects of urban cycling will find a large gap in coverage of the city’s culture, particularly, the fixed gear scene.

The musings of a random reader in a small town in the Midwest, or a kid with his first conversion in Alabama would ask this natural next question: Who will come forward as the next bastion of NYC’s cycling blogs? As we’ve seen in the past three years, sites like Flickr and Twitter have already began to expand the size of fixed gear fandom exponentially. Today, my google reader has about thirty bike blogs, of them, a good 20-25 are fixed-gear specific.

For the online, remote reader,  the question now remains, who will take up the electronic mantle after Prolly‘s departure, and ultimately, what new perspective can that person or group bring to these readers who where once plugged in (or thought they were) to NYC’s cycling culture?


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