Alexandros Vasmoulakis: I’ve got you a date with Botticelli’s Niece

The Three Graces ink & acrylic on canvas; 150 x 180cm; Dec 2010

We are really digging the classical influences of these feminist reconstructions of 19th century and renaissance inspired pieces by Alexandros Vasmoulakis out of Athens, Greece. The above work is a reinterpretation of the the three graces, greek mythological figures representing creativity, beauty and charm. From Vasmoulakis’ website:

Alexandros Vasmoulakis visits through his new work the period between renaissance and late 19th century art in order to comment on how woman was treated by the masculine glance and desire. Inspired by Bouguereau, Botticelli, Titian, Etty and others he argues against the model of woman-object, against the image of a woman being the coveted fruit from a financial paradise.

These are all so awesome, particularly the life and energy conveyed in the facial expressions, and the good placement and selection of “props” and symbols in the composition themselves.

Man enters this game deprived of his basic advantage, his physical strength. All that is left of him is a bodiless face. He shows off his manhood with an old fashioned moustache and his obedience to this new female world with his smile.

Happiness ahead ink & acrylic on canvas; 110x130cm; Feb 2010

Vasmoulakis’ solo exhibition comes after a long career as a pretty dedicated street artist. Enjoy his works at his website, and I’ve got you a date with Botticelli’s Niece will running till March 24 at in Athens, Greece.

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