SXSW Undercurrents

SXSW in Austin, TX is always a steaming cauldron of various creative high-flyers, and more importantly (for us), local acts, groups and organizations across the nation looking to get in on some of the action. While Ennui is still on a shoestring budget and we weren’t able to fly over for some real-time coverage, we can put you guys on to some of the more unassuming (at least on the surface) acts that come across our radar.

As always, we are drawn not only to the spunkiness and raw talent of local artists and artisans that are willing to put themselves out there, especially at a huge event like SXSW, but also to some of the backyard shenanigans and stories that really turn out some beautiful creations, like Allbright Skateboards Co. and Galapagos.

As a result, we again want to welcome all submissions related to the festival on artists, developers, musicians and filmmakers that deserve some love, and at the same time, check back in frequently for updated profiles, posts and interviews from some names and works that’ll blow your argyle socks off.

UPDATE: We have added a new feature block that will categorize some our upcoming content in connection with SXSW. Enjoy!


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