Clark Goolsby/Strange Love

All images are courtesy of Clark Goolsby

A little late in coming, but if you’re in LA in the next week or so, be sure to check out Clark Goolsby’s exhibit entitled Strange/Love at the POVevolving Gallery . As our buddy AOK would say, “this sh*t is mad hyperreal.”

Goolsby’s current work has definitely been more mixed media and installation based, however he continues to use the same sort of linear patternwork and color that has defined his last shows. POVevolving Gallery got this short blurb on the “conceptual basis” for this show:

Overall the whole show is about death and the fragility of life. I am specifically interested in how we maintain optimism in a world that is so full of potentially life ending situations. I have been using the Dead Hand (a doomsday device the Russians built during the Cold War), and many other symbols as metaphors for reflecting on these ideas…

We are loving these symbol-oriented mixed media pieces. There really is a definitive fecundity as well as themes of growth and decay in this body of work. Clark Goolsby, we really dig these works. The exhibit ends on the 11th so don’t miss this one.


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