AllBright Skateboards… and lasers

One of our buddies, Dave Vollbach, who wrenches and builds some rad bike displays (and a variety of other wood-derived units) at Bicycle Habitat in NYC put us up on his brother’s start-up company that manufacturers custom skate decks… that are laser cut.

AllBright Skateboards Co. out of Boston, MA is killing it softly with these locally made, laser cut decks. Not only are these kids reppin hard, but they’ll be at SXSW in the next week at the Austin Museum Of Art (scroll through for more information). Hit ’em up at for orders and inquiries.

By now you know we dig everything local-made, and the fact that these kids are innovating out of their own backyard makes it double rad. Hopefully with some arm-twisting we’ll be able to take a peek inside their process. Stay tuned for more information and a very possible profile on AllBright Skateboard Co. In the meantime, keep those lines clean.


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