Flickr Friday: Salchichón’s photostream

Rizote, photo by Salchichón

If you haven’t noticed by now, Ennui loves the potential of social media (and alliteration). However, particularly in street art/local culture landscapes, oftentimes the increased connectivity of websites like Facebook, Twitter and blogging platforms represents a double sword. Although we are subject to beautiful rich media like the above image, an increase in media volume will also lead to oversaturation and dilution.

In a move that goes against our usual criterion for postings, we’ll try and introduce to you, each Friday, a Flickr photostream that embodies both a unique photographic perspective, and also a reflection of the everyday. We encourage you to sign up for Flickr if you haven’t already, and add these users as contacts so that you can follow their growth and changing perspectives with us.

This week’s column highlights the work of Salchichón, based in Paris. Salchichón’s graff photography is top notch, and not only shows nice rangefinding and composition, but a great grittiness and unique color balance. Keep the photos coming!

Saeio, photo by Salchichón


2 responses to “Flickr Friday: Salchichón’s photostream

  1. Wow, thank you very much!


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