Yabusame Prototype #2

photo courtesy of jinken

…yeah, those are head tube cut-outs.

Japanese trials rider Jinken out of Japan has been slowly releasing these photos of this prototype polo frame that’s in its second iteration. Today I came home to a full set of shots of this beautiful, hand-made polo frame.

photo courtesy of jinken
photo courtesy of jinken

Let’s take a closer look at that rear triangle:

photo courtesy of jinken

After I hit him up on Flickr, I managed to get a few extra details about the frame, including a little look at the geometry, and some insight on the construction.

I’m sorry detailed geometry is secret because this is a prototype, and the product under the research.
However, the length of the chainstay is around 375mm.
Because when shorter length was tested before, it was understood that it was not good for an aggressive pedaling when it was too short.

26inch tires, and 1.5inch width is OK.
Kaisei Japanesei Cr-Mo butted tubings.
This Material is used in MOZU MTB frames produced by TUBAGRA,
and TETZ-ONE frames produced by JBP and Okayasu Factory.

Sick. I know, two polo bikes in one week, but honestly who doesn’t love some innovation? Not to mention, this is a production frame built purely and only for bike polo! We dig it Jinken, keep the pics rollin!


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