Wick-It goes pro

image courtesy of Wick-It the Instigator

If you haven’t heard this yet, take a seat, grab a drink and enjoy. The hometown of country music also spawns a wicked good DJ and producer by the name of Wick-It the Instigator. While The Brothers of Chico Dusty is a precision tuned conglomeration of Black Keys’ Brothers and Big Boi’s sleeper hit Sir Luscious Leftfoot and the Son of Chico Dusty, Wick-it has been pushing dubstep, DnB, hip-hop, rockabilly and god knows how many other genres into his mixing bowl.

Remix is the core of music, but oftentimes that progression is so highly undervalued in the face of authenticity or originality. When we approach something like Wick-it we look at the value of the music not only based on sound, but whether or not it represents a step in the right direction. And honestly this isn’t your grandpa’s R. Kelly + Broken Social Scene “oh wow that works” kind of mash-up- this is a leap in the right direction. So now you can imagine how we felt when this popped up on the mini-feed today:

F*ck yes! Wick-It, we at Ennui are behind you 100% and honestly people are sick of hearing me talk about Everlasting Shine Blockaz:

and Bed Intruder Dubstep:

and… nevermind, the point is, be on the lookout for some ballin’ tracks from this young talent out of Nashville, TN. TO THE MOON, WICK-IT.


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