Throw-up Thursday

Oni, in Georgetown (more on him later…)

This week’s format got a little messed up, as some of the background for Throw-up Thursdays was put into our DC Watch for Artuare entry, so here’s a few shots of this week’s throw-ups. Enjoy!

OG Andre, god knows how long this has been here (seen on 14th & Corcoran)

Stay in School! (Spotted at 14th and P)

1/4 complete, seen at 14th and Q

As always, a few more on the Flickr.

For our next installments of Throw-up Thurs., we want to keep it street by street. This week we looked a little at 14th and the section between U and Massachusetts Ave. In a couple days we’ll be updating and creating a Google Maps overlay of all our locations, and again, we are always open to submissions, and hopefully we can begin to chart and triangulate some of the “furnishings” of DC.


2 responses to “Throw-up Thursday

  1. Love the pics. I wish DC embraced more street art like this. Keep up this dope blog!

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