DC Watch: Nero

The mystique of a street piece or throw-up is being in the know. When you make a city your canvas, it’s Ennui’s obligation to find you and document. Introducing the first in a series, Nero.

This is a pretty prolific writer, with multiple quickies all over 14th and P, moving northeast. One of the things I love is Nero’s placement, opting for some high visibility areas including blowing up the opening to several alleyways, car lots and an abandoned laundromat. KEEP OUR CITY BEAUTIFUL, NERO.

Keep tabs on the flickr, as we hope to be constantly updating on Nero and others in the future. Also, if you have any snaps, we’ll be creating a pool for every artist.


2 responses to “DC Watch: Nero

  1. Does anyone know the story behind the tag itself? Is the purpose here mainly to document, or to actually learn about the tag artist’s message/vision? Curious, I’ve definitely noted the tag around town…

    • Diana,

      A little bit of both, we’re trying to build some sort of framework and hopefully be able to track down or speak with the writer and his intentions, but for the time being we have to sort of continue to document as much as we can.

      Check back soon though!

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