Blog(kind of) Push: The Economist’s Thinking Space

Image courtesy of The Economist: Thinking Space

As much as we try to cover trends within some perspective of counter-culture, we must give credit where it’s due. After all, when you are a company and publication as large as The Economist, your resources and design perspective lets you really push the bounds of a medium:

Image courtesy of The Economist: Thinking Space


Thinking Space is meant to showcase the spaces where the publication’s contributors and overall web of contacts go to think. Rather than using a photo gallery or blog layout, the designers opted for this beautiful geometric structure that shifts perspectives based on which space you are attempting to dive into. Here’s what The Economist had to say about it on their Facebook page:

Where do you get your ideas? The Economist has launched an online campaign for Europe designed to show where our readers go to think. Explore the site here and even upload your own thinking space. We’ll choose some of these to add to our ideas sculpture with the offer of a three month online subscription in return.

This is an insanely well designed and shrewdly executed marketing idea. Seeing a workspace or “thinking space” is one of the things that we all love to pore over, whether it’s some sustainable designer in Brooklyn or a construction foreman in Alabama. Although the individual profiles are a little highfalutin, the execution and attention to detail is to be admired. There is always a humanity to seeing where people work and execute their ideas, and The Economist has encapsulated this in a beautiful geometric array.

Big ups, Economist, who knew you had it in you.


2 responses to “Blog(kind of) Push: The Economist’s Thinking Space

  1. It’s interesting to see this point of view. I can’t say fore sure if I agree or not, but it is something I will think about now.

    • That’s even better. We welcome a dialogue as well as different perspectives, particularly when treading ground that surrounds masked marketing devices. What’s your take of thinking space?

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