A bloody critical mass

Residents of Porto Algre, Brasil recently held a critical mass, and as cyclists were making their way down a two-lane street, a black Volkswagen Golf rammed into several cyclists from behind. Warning, this video is graphic: [the actual incident is recorded at around the 40-50 second mark]

This is a pretty ridiculous ongoing story, but Brasil does have different laws and customs, especially on the road. An expat had this to say about the situation, seen at The Urban Country:

1) This is Brasil…not the US, Canada, or anywhere in Europe. Although people in those areas may piss themselves on a regular basis on the sight of cop while driving, here is another story. The police don’t stop people here for infractions unless they are running a “blitz” (similar to a road block), you hit someone (or something) and actually stop, or do something so spectacularly stupid in front of them that they NEED to stop you. Other than that, people tend to do what ever the fuck they want on the roads.

Our hearts go out to those cyclists that were injured in this incident, and we remind you to be cautious and ready when emergencies like this do occur.


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